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Reedition of the original soundtrack albums of episodes I, II, III, IV, V and VI with remastered sound.
Release:  May, 2018
Alan Silvestri returns to the Avengers franchise with a double edition of the soundtrack.
Release:  April, 2018
The soundtrack of the third part of the Alien saga was composed by Elliot Goldenthal and receives its expanded edition.
Release:  April, 2018
New edition of the Hans Zimmer score with improved sound.
Release:  April, 2018

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Music by 
Cliff Eidelman
4/19/2018 19/04/2018
The fantastic soundtrack of the final episode of Captain Kirk and his crew was deservedly reissued with extended content.
Music by 
Lorne Balfe
3/14/2018 14/03/2018
Lorne Balfe's intense score musicalized the interesting fantasy, drama and action story of Jodie and Aiden.
3/8/2018 08/03/2018
Reissue of the soundtrack of the third part of the saga of the famous former Green Beret.
3/7/2018 07/03/2018
The suspense soundtrack composed by Howard Shore for the 1991 thriller receives its expanded edition.
Music by 
Jack Nitzsche
3/6/2018 06/03/2018
The synthetic score of Jack Nitzsche for the Romancing the Stone sequel is published in expanded format.
Music by 
 and Howard Ashman
2/23/2018 23/02/2018
Finally, the fantastic soundtrack by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken is published in the format of The Legacy Collection.
2/3/2018 03/02/2018
The soundtrack of Alan Silvestri for the film of the famous rabbit created by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg, which mixes animation and real action, is reissued in a 3-disc extensive edition.
1/9/2018 09/01/2018
The masterpiece of Michael Kamen from the Kevin Costner's 1991 film finally receives the much-awaited reissue in a 2-disc expanded album.
12/23/2017 23/12/2017
New vinyl edition of the Trevor Jones' soundtrack commemorating the 35th anniversary of the premiere of the film.
Music by 
Max Richter
12/14/2017 14/12/2017
The intense soundtrack of the production set in the London of 1814 rounds off a series with a strongly impacting aesthetic.
12/11/2017 11/12/2017
The soundtrack of the 1990 romantic thriller receives an expanded edition.
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