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The soundtrack of the 1990 romantic thriller receives an expanded edition.
Release:  December, 2017
Since the release of Back to Titanic, 19 years have passed until the expected publication of unpublished material from the James Horner's masterpiece.
Release:  November, 2017
A new restored edition of the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg's famous film is published in a 2-disc format on the 40th anniversary of its premiere.
Release:  November, 2017
A new edition expands widely the content of the original version of the third David Arnold soundtrack in the 007 series starring Pierce Brosnan.
Release:  November, 2017

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Music by 
Max Richter
12/14/2017 14/12/2017
The intense soundtrack of the production set in the London of 1814 rounds off a series with a strongly impacting aesthetic.
Music by 
Greg Edmonson
12/11/2017 11/12/2017
The beginning of the Uncharted saga featured a great soundtrack that brilliantly set the musical base of the saga.
11/28/2017 28/11/2017
David Arnold's first score for the Bond saga was reissued 2 years after the premiere of the film.
11/14/2017 14/11/2017
Mondo reissues the original album remastered in vinyl format and with a new cover art.
11/13/2017 13/11/2017
A special 3-vinyl box is released with the soundtrack to commemorate the 40 years of the film.
10/30/2017 30/10/2017
The soundtrack of the horror and supernatural mystery thriller directed by the efficient Jan de Bont and scored by Jerry Goldsmith is expanded to more than double the duration of the original 1999 edition.
Music by 
10/29/2017 29/10/2017
The complete score of the Williams / Spielberg classic is reissued for the first time in vinyl format.
Music by 
10/28/2017 28/10/2017
The work James Horner composed for Troy in 2004 receives a long expanded version.
10/15/2017 15/10/2017
Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the film, John Williams' overwhelming soundtrack is expanded in a special 2-disc release.
Music by 
Edward Shearmur
10/9/2017 09/10/2017
Edward Shearmur's soundtrack for the perfect dieselpunk is extensively expanded in a 2-disc edition.
10/8/2017 08/10/2017
James Newton Howard's incredible soundtrack for the epic movie in an aquatic world finally receives a careful expanded reissue.
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