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Arista Records

1941: Expanded Score

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La-La Land Records


1941 (ENGLISH)

1941 (John Williams). After the first vinyl edition released by Arista in the year 1979, several editions with the same content were commercialized. They were the cases of Bay Cities in 1989, Alhambra Records (Germany) in 1990 and Varèse Sarabande in 1997, which released the score in CD format. Finally, in 2011, La-La Land Records edited the expanded score. In February, 2015, La-La Land reissues the same score that was released in 2011 in limited edition of 1000 copies.

Spielberg's comedy made Williams create a score with patriotic elements, thriller, action, comedy (included the track Swing, Swing, Swing for the long sequence of dance), and allowed to the own Williams to include a couple of elements of his recent movies, since they were the themes only suggested of Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In spite of being a comedy, the elements of a Williams' score type are very present, due to the setting of thriller and action that allowed him to develop a score in his style, with comical touches, specially that of a recognizable and catchy fanfare that is repeated in several occasions.

The expanded edition of La-La Land includes the expanded score (disc 1) and on the disc 2, the original score of 9 tracks, source music (not composed by Williams), alternate tracks and the music of the promotional trailer. Since La-La Land used to do, the expanded edition is very generous in footage and in abundant information (including an analysis track to track) of the booklet.

1941 (ESPAÑOL)

1941 (John Williams). Tras la primera edición de Arista en vinilo del año 1979, varias ediciones con el mismo contenido fueron comercializadas. Fueron los casos de Bay Cities en 1989, Alhambra Records (Alemania) en 1990 y Varèse Sarabande en 1997, que lanzaron el score en formato CD. Finalmente, en 2011, La-La Land Records editó el score expandido. En febrero de 2015, La-La Land reeditó en tirada limitada de 1000 copias el mismo score que lanzara de 2011.

La comedia de Spielberg hizo a Williams crear un score con elementos patrióticos, de intriga, acción, comedia (incluida la pista Swing, Swing, Swing para la larga secuencia de baile), y permitió al propio Williams incluir un par de elementos de su filmografía reciente, como eran los temas tan solo sugeridos de Tiburón y Encuentros en la Tercera Fase. A pesar de tratarse de una comedia, los elementos del score tipo Williams están muy presentes, dada la ambientación de intriga y acción que le permitieron desarrollar una partitura muy en su estilo, con toques cómicos, especialmente el de una reconocible y pegadiza fanfarria que se repite en varias ocasiones.

La edición expandida de La-La Land incluye el score expandido (disco 1) y en el disco 2, el score original de 9 pistas, música ambiental (no compuesta por Williams), pistas alternativas y la música del tráiler promocional. Como acostumbra La-La Land, la edición es muy generosa en metraje y en abundante información (incluyendo un análisis pista a pista) del libreto.

Total Time: 37:41
Arista Records
  1. The March from "1941" (04:06)
  2. The Invasion (08:17)
  3. The Sentries (03:28)
  4. Riot At The U.S.O. (01:16)
    Traditional, based on "The Rakes of Mallow" - Arranged by John Williams
  5. To Hollywood and Glory (03:12)
  6. Swing, Swing, Swing (04:03)
    Drums: Louis Bellson, Clarinet: Abe Most
  7. The Battle of Hollywood (05:37)
  8. The Ferris Wheel Sequence (01:28)
    Includes "By the Beautiful Sea" - Words: Harold R. Atteridge, Music: Harry Carroll
  9. Finale (06:14)
1941: Expanded Score
Total Time: 155:14
La-La Land Records
    DISC 1:THE FILM SCORE (77:08)
  1. “1941” Main Title (1:36)
  2. Chrissie Takes Another Swim** (4:38)
  3. Sub Commander / Wild Bill Kelso** (3:44)
  4. Donna’s Obsession / Birkhead’s Pitch** (2:59)
  5. Poppa’s Got a Gun* (1:13)
  6. You Have Been Chosen / You, You, You* (2:11)
  7. Capture of Hollis / Kelso Lost* (3:08)
  8. The Crackerjack Box* (1:30)
  9. The Sentries** (2:17)
  10. The Escape of Hollis* (1:17)
  11. More About Donna* (1:02)
  12. The Count Down / Swing, Swing, Swing** (4:41)
  13. The Brannigan (1:19)
  14. Here We Go (4:22)
  15. Kelso in Barstow** (3:42)
  16. Service Tunes* (0:50)
  17. Encounters* (0:56)
  18. Kelso’s Attack / Deep inthe Heart of Texas** (3:15)
  19. Eat Lead*(2:48)
  20. Defending the Homeland* (1:46)
  21. Wally Saves Betty** (2:00)
  22. Sound Off / Stolen Motorcycle* (4:23)
  23. Ward’s Big Gun* (1:45)
  24. Going My Way Sister* (2:08)
  25. More Kelso (0:59)
  26. Taking Aim* (1:10)
  27. The Ferris Wheel** †† (3:08)
  28. The Tank Approaches / Finale* (5:26)
  29. “1941” End Credits (6:18)
    DISC 2: THE 1979 SOUNDTRACK ALBUM (78:06)
  1. The March From “1941” (4:11)
  2. The Invasion (8:20)
  3. The Sentries (3:31)
  4. Riot at the U.S.O. † (1:18)
  5. To Hollywood and Glory (3:14)
  6. Swing, Swing, Swing (4:06)
  7. The Battle of Hollywood (5:39)
  8. The Ferris Wheel Sequence †† (1:29)
  9. Finale (6:16)

  11. In the Mood* (3:43)
  12. Music by Joe Garland and Andy Razaf; Arranged by Glenn Miller
  13. Jingle Bells* (2:59)
  14. Music by James Lord Pierpont
  15. Down By the Ohio (Instrumental)* (3:57)
  16. Music by Abe Olman / Jack Yellen
  17. Play-Off* (0:15)
  18. Goodnight, Sweetheart* (1:42)
  19. Music by Ray Noble, Jimmy Campbell, Rudy Vallee, and Reg Connelly

  20. Promo Trailer* (2:30)
  21. Sub Commander / Wild Bill Kelso/ Capture of Hollis (alternate)** (4:23)
  22. The Escape of Hollis (alternate)* (1:14)
  23. Kelso in Barstow (alternate)** (3:43)
  24. Defending the Homeland (alternate)* (1:06)
  25. Sound Off (alternate)* (2:41)
  26. More Kelso (alternate) (0:55)
  27. Finale (alternate)* (3:04)
  28. “1941” End Credits (alternate) (6:55)
* Previously unreleased.
** Contains previously unreleased material.
Traditional, Based on “The Rakes Of Mallow,” Arranged by John Williams.
†† Including “By the Beautiful Sea” Words: Harold R. Atteridge, Music: Harry Carroll.

Track 16 co-written with A. H. Miles and D. Savino; Track 18, written by D. Swander and J. Hershey; and Track 22 written by W.L. Duckworth.

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