BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Original Score (2009)


Nick Arundel and Ron Fish
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WaterTower Music


Batman: Arkham Asylum (ENGLISH)

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Nick Arundel and Ron Fish). After the good story told in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the soundtrack appears after it with a main theme that defines well the dark environment of the multiple and chilling stages of the Arkham Asylum. With an effect-like sound of violins, piano and synthesizers, the solitary corridors are described, whereas more dynamic and percussive tracks are use as background for Batman confrontations with the main villains and for the rooms replete of evildoers. A soundtrack that is enjoyed very much after having experienced the game, and that carries the listener back to the multiple places of the mental hospital, from the exterior gardens, passing for the multiple buildings, rooms, basements, caves and sewers. Multiple locations, each one with its captivations and its villains, which the soundtrack is going through, and that makes remember and return to enjoy them.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (ESPAÑOL)

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Nick Arundel y Ron Fish). Tras la buena historia contada en Batman: Arkham Asylum, la banda sonora asoma tras ella con un tema principal que define bien el oscuro entorno de los múltiples y escalofriantes escenarios del Manicomio Arkham. Con un sonido efectista de violines, piano y sintetizadores se describen los solitarios pasillos, mientras que pistas más dinámicas y percusivas sirven de fondo para los enfrentamientos de Batman con los villanos principales y para las salas repletas de maleantes. Una banda sonora que se disfruta mucho tras haber experimentado el juego, y que retrotrae al oyente a los múltiples lugares del manicomio, desde los jardines exteriores, pasando por los múltiples edificios, salas, sótanos, cuevas y cloacas. Múltiples localizaciones, cada una con sus encantos y sus villanos, que la banda sonora va recorriendo, y que los hace recordar y volver a disfrutar.

Total Time: 46:32
WaterTower Music
  1. A Plan Revealed (0:54)
  2. Enter The Asylum (4:40)
  3. Joker Escapes (1:13)
  4. Only Three (1:17)
  5. Thugs Ambush (1:01)
  6. Venom Attack (1:17)
  7. Whiskey Trail (1:14)
  8. Eddie's Tale (1:38)
  9. Predator (2:22)
  10. In the Batcave (1:23)
  11. Where's Jim? (1:29)
  12. Batmobile Attack (1:31)
  13. Bombs Around Gotham (1:50)
  14. Crackin' Heads (3:18)
  15. Deserted Corridors (1:23)
  16. Eternal Glide (2:54)
  17. Finger Prints (1:58)
  18. In the Gardens (1:46)
  19. Garden Predator (2:13)
  20. Guard Murder (0:50)
  21. Harley Fights Back (2:04)
  22. Ivy's Theme (0:44)
  23. Mr. Zsasz (0:42)
  24. The Armoury (2:14)
  25. The Aslyum Cells* (1:31)
  26. Venom Factory* (1:05)
  27. Playful Joker** (2:01)
* composed by Nick Arundel and Ron Fish
** composed by Ron Fish

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