DIE HARD Soundtrack (2002)


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Varèse Sarabande

DIE HARD Soundtrack (2-CD set) (2011)

DIE HARD (2-CD set)

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La-La Land Records

Die Hard (ENGLISH)

Die Hard (Michael Kamen). Fourteen years had pass from the premiere of the movie in 1988 in order that Michael Kamen's score was edited in 2002. Later, La La Land extended the soundtrack with their two disc edition in 2011, but both were released as limited issues.

The music fills the atmosphere of tension especially helped by the use of the double-basses, which use as perfect accompaniment for the terrifying synchronized action of the terrorists. The leitmotiv of Beethoven's ninth symphony is repeated in different forms accompanying Hans Gruber and his group, remembering that the story happens in the Christmas eve.

With regard to the 2011 album, it includes 2 discs, bonus tracks and a complete booklet with a track-by-track analysis. The inclusion of We've Got Each Other and Let It Snow finish up as a perfect end to the soundtrack, but the tracks in mono quality that this album includes are far from the sound quality that a complete edition should present. The cover art also changes with regard to that of Varèse's version, and when normally the art of the most new versions use to be more attractive, this one is one of few cases in which the art of the original album overcomes the art of the extended version.


In 2017, La-La Land Records reissues its own 2011 version:

DIE HARD Soundtrack (2-CD set) (2017) DIE HARD (2-CD set)
Release date:
Lenght time:
March, 2017
La-La Land Records

The edition has identical content as the 2011 version, but it rightly changes the cover art, regaining the style of the original album.

Jungla de Cristal (ESPAÑOL)

Jungla de Cristal (Michael Kamen). Catorce años tuvieron que pasar desde el estreno de la película en 1988 para que se editara el score de Michael Kamen en 2002. Posteriormente, La La Land amplió la banda sonora con su versión de dos discos en 2011, pero ambas salieron a la venta en cantidad limitada.

La música llena la atmosfera de tensión sobre todo ayudada por el uso de los contrabajos, que sirven de acompañamiento perfecto para la terroríficamente sincronizada acción de los terroristas. El leitmotiv de la novena sinfonía de Beethoven se repite de distintas formas acompañando Hans Gruber y su grupo, recordando que la acción transcurre el día de Nochebuena.

Respecto al álbum de 2011, incluye 2 discos, pistas extra y un libreto con análisis pista por pista. La inclusión de We’ve Got Each Other y Let It Snow redondean el perfecto final de la banda sonora, pero las pistas en calidad mono que incluye el álbum están lejos de la calidad de sonido que una edición completa debería presentar. El arte de la carátula también varía respecto al de la versión de Varèse, y cuando normalmente el de las versiones más nuevas suele ser más atractivo, éste es uno de los pocos casos en los que el arte del álbum original supera al de la versión ampliada.


En 2017, La-La Land Records reedita su propia versión de 2011:

DIE HARD Soundtrack (2-CD set) (2017) DIE HARD (2-CD set)
Fecha de lanzamiento:
Marzo, 2017
La-La Land Records

La edición tiene idéntico contenido que la versión de 2011, pero cambia acertadamente el arte de la carátula, recuperando el estilo del álbum original.

DIE HARD (2002)
Total Time: 77:04
  1. The Nakatomi Plaza (1:50)
  2. Gruber's Arrival (3:40)
  3. John's Escape / You Want Money? (5:52)
  4. The Tower (1:49)
  5. The Roof (3:57)
  6. The Fight (1:07)
  7. He Won't Be Joining Us (3:53)
  8. And If He Alters It? (2:39)
  9. Going after John Again (4:33)
  10. Have a Few Laughs (3:29)
  11. Welcome to the Party (1:00)
  1. TV Station / His Bag is Missing (3:52)
  2. Assault on the Tower (8:16)
  3. John is Found Out (5:03)
  4. Attention Police (3:38)
  5. Bill Clay (2:02)
  6. I Had an Accident (2:37)
  7. Ode to Joy (3:36)
  8. The Battle (10:15)
  9. Gruber's Departure (1:56)
  10. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Instrumental Version) (2:00)
DIE HARD (2-CD set) (2011)
Total Time: 107:52
DISC 1 (49:53) DISC 2 (57:59)
  1. Main Title* (0:38)
  2. Terrorist Entrance (4:05)
  3. The Phone Goes Dead / Party Crashers (1:51)
  4. John’s Escape / You Want Money (6:00)
  5. Wiring the Roof (1:51)
  6. Fire Alarm (2:04)
  7. Tony Approaches (1:41)
  8. Tony and John Fight (1:11)
  9. Santa (0:55)
  10. He Won’t Be Joining Us (3:01)
  11. And If He Alters It (2:39)
  12. Going After John (4:29)
  13. Have A Few Laughs/ Al Powell Approaches (3:31)
  14. Under the Table (1:55)
  15. Welcome to the Party (1:09)
  16. TV Station (2:47)
  17. Holly Meets Hans (1:19)
  18. Assault On the Tower (8:35)
  1. John Is Found Out (5:03)
  2. Attention Police (3:54)
  3. Bill Clay (4:09)
  4. Shooting the Glass (1:05)
  5. I Had an Accident (2:37)
  6. The Vault (3:07)
  7. Message for Holly (1:07)
  8. The Battle/ Freeing the Hostages (6:53)
  9. Helicopter Explosion and Showdown (4:00)
  10. Happy Trails (1:12)
  11. We’ve Got Each Other (1:56)
    Written by John Scott
  12. Let It Snow (1:43)
    Performed by Vaughn Monroe
    Written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne

  13. Beethoven’s 9th (End Credits Excerpt) (3:54)
    Written by Ludwig Van Beethoven

  15. The Nakatomi Plaza (1:45)
  16. Message for Holly (Film Version)* (2:46)
  17. Gun in Cheek* (1:01)
  18. Fire Hose* (1:00)
  19. Ode to Joy (Alternate) (2:10)
  20. Let It Snow (Source) (1:58)
    Performed by Michael Kamen
    Written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne

  21. Winter Wonderland (Source) (1:25)
    Written by Felix Bernard and Dick Smith
  22. Christmas in Hollis (4:49)
    Performed by RUN-DMC,
    Written by Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, Jason Mizell

* Mono Source

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