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Good Will Hunting (ENGLISH)

Good Will Hunting (Danny Elfman). Danny Elfman's complete score includes all the music of the composer created for the movie and the songs that Elliot Smith was creating almost like a pseudo score present along the movie. Also a booklet commenting on aspects of the movie, the music of Smith and Elfman's score.

Although it is a short disc, it was not looking like one of the scores called to be edited so many years after the movie. And it is that both Elfman's themes that were released in the original soundtrack are the more notable thing that this release has, turning out to be the themes of Elliot Smith almost more interesting than the proper score.

Even this way, that this score has released (though in a limited edition) with a complete booklet of notes included is worthy of praise.

El Indomable Will Hunting (ESPAÑOL)

El Indomable Will Hunting (Danny Elfman). El score completo de Danny Elfman incluye toda la música del compositor creada para la película más las canciones que Elliot Smith creara casi como pseudo score presente a lo largo de la película. Además de un libreto comentando aspectos de la película, la música de Smith y el score de Elfman.

Aunque es un disco breve, no parecía uno de los títulos llamados a ser editados tantos años después de la película. Y es que los dos temas de Elfman que se publicaron con la banda sonora original son lo más reseñable que aporta dicho score, resultando los temas de Elliot Smith casi más interesantes que el propio score. Aun así, que se haya editado este score (aunque de forma limitada) con un completo libreto de notas incluido es digno de elogio.

Total Time: 52:21
  1. Between The Bars (Orchestral) - Performed by Elliot Smith
  2. As The Rain - Performed by Jeb Loy Nichols
  3. Angeles - Performed by Elliot Smith
  4. No Name #3 - Performed by Elliot Smith
  5. Fisherman Blues - Performed by The Waterboys
  6. Why Do I Lie? - Performed by Luscious Jackson
  7. Will Hunting (Main Titles) - Danny Elfman
  8. Between The Bars - Performed by Elliot Smith
  1. Say Yes - Performed by Elliot Smith
  2. Baker Street - Performed by Gerry Rafferty
  3. Somebody's Baby - Performed by Andru Donalds
  4. Boys Better - Performed by The Dandy Warhols
  5. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Performed by Al Green
  6. Miss Misery - Performed by Elliot Smith
  7. Weepy Donuts - Danny Elfman
GOOD WILL HUNTING: Complete Score (2014)
Total Time: 44:53
  1. Main Title (2:44)
  2. Genie Mopper (0:37)
  3. First Calculation (1:08)
  4. Theorem (0:42)
  5. Kick Ass Choir (0:59)
  6. Mystery Math (2:28)
  7. Them Apples (not used in film) (0:57)
  8. Jail (1:13)
  9. Second Shrink (1:14)
  10. Any Port (1:25)
  11. Times Up (1:14)
  12. Oliver Twist (1:58)
  13. Staring Contest (0:49)
  14. Secret Weapon (0:57)
  1. Retainer (Part A) (0:58)
  2. Retainer (Part B) (0:20)
  3. Tell You Something (0:48)
  4. No Love Me (0:47)
  5. Fire Music (1:11)
  6. Whose Fault (2:34)
  7. End Titles (3:50)
  8. Between the Bars (Orchestral) (1:09)
    Performed by Elliott Smith
    Orchestral arrangement by Danny Elfman
  9. No Name #3 (3:04) Performed by Elliott Smith
  10. Say Yes (2:15) Performed by Elliott Smith
  11. Between the Bars (2:21) Performed by Elliott Smith
  12. Angeles (2:55) Performed by Elliott Smith
  13. Miss Misery (3:12) Performed by Elliott Smith

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