POWDER Soundtrack (1995)
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Hollywood Records

POWDER Soundtrack: Expanded Score (2016)

POWDER: Expanded Score

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Powder (ENGLISH)

Powder (Jerry Goldsmith). The birth of a boy with "electrical" affinities due to the fact that a lightning reached his mother just before his birth, the abandon of his father after being born and the behavior of his grandparents excluding him from the society due to his "electrical problems" and his external aspect (albino and hairless), are the base of Powder's sad story.

Mixing of mystery, drama, fantasy and with a memorable ending sequence, the soundtrack of Powder contributes one of the most emotive themes composed by Jerry Goldsmith. Among all the virtues of the composer, the creation of emotive melodies is one of his strong points.

The soundtrack of Powder extends the scarce 35 minutes of the 1995 original album up to 64 in the 2016 expanded edition, and includes a booklet with additional information.

Powder (Pura Energía) (ESPAÑOL)

Powder (Pura Energía) (Jerry Goldsmith). El nacimiento de un chico con afinidades “eléctricas” debido a que un rayo alcanzó a su madre justo antes de su nacimiento, el abandono de su padre nada más nacer y el trato de sus abuelos excluyéndolo de la sociedad debido a sus “problemas eléctricos” y a su aspecto externo (piel albina y carencia total de pelo), son la base de la triste historia de Powder.

Mezcla de misterio, drama, fantasía y con una secuencia final antológica, la banda sonora de Powder aporta uno de los temas más emotivos compuestos por Jerry Goldsmith. De entre todas las virtudes del compositor, la creación de melodías emotivas es uno de sus puntos fuertes.

La banda sonora de Powder amplía los escasos 35 minutos del álbum original de 1995 hasta los 64 de la edición expandida de 2016, e incluye un libreto con información adicional.

POWDER (1995)
Total Time: 35:27
  1. Theme From Powder (4:32)
  2. Spoon Trick And The Trestle (2:17)
  3. Nightmare In The Forest (5:10)
  4. First Kiss (2:25)
  1. Steven And The Snow (8:26)
  2. Freakshow (4:42)
  3. Wanna See A Trick? (4:01)
  4. Everywhere (3:54)
POWDER: Expanded Score (2016)
Total Time: 64:42
  1. Emergency Room* (1:50)
  2. The Incubator* (2:14)
  3. Powder* (3:31)
  4. The Books* / You’re Afraid* (5:03)
  5. The Window* (0:39)
  6. The Spoons** / Enemies* (1:49)
  7. New School* (1:03)
  8. Jacob’s Ladder* / After Shock* (2:30)
  9. He Bites* (0:50)
  10. I’m Okay (1:41)
  11. Unhappy Days* (0:15)
  12. No Questions* (1:42)
  13. The Storm*+ (0:56)
  14. Nature Walk** / Duncan’s Revelation (5:16)
  1. Not A Friend* (1:23)
  2. Holding On* (0:38)
  3. Tricks / The Hat (4:02)
  4. I’ve Tried* (0:48)
  5. The Silver Box (8:26)
  6. First Kiss (2:25)
  7. Going Home* (1:25)
  8. The Shower* (0:32)
  9. That’s What He Said* (1:00)
  10. Freak Show (4:42)
  11. The Farm House*+ (1:34)
  12. Going Away (3:55)
  13. Theme From Powder (4:33)

*Previously Unreleased
**Includes Music Previously Unreleased)
+Includes Music Not Featured in Film

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