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La La Land Records



Shaft (David Arnold). For the first time, La-La Land edits the score composed for the sequel of the 1971 movie, with Samuel L. Jackson in the role of Shaft, the hard policeman of New York.

The score was requested to the British composer David Arnold, who was facing a genre totally different from the one that made to him famous, the style of great symphonic orchestra of movies of adventure (Last of the Dogmen), science fiction (Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla) and action (007 saga). The movie of 2000 returns to use the famous theme composed by Isaac Hayes for the original movie of 1971 wich won an Oscar as best original song, whereas the composer David Arnold creates a score of 70s funk/soul style according to that theme, based on guitars and battery, and far from the score type composed for great orchestra.

In 2000 there was edited an album of R&B and hip-hop songs, in that the theme of Shaft by Isaac Hayes was included, but no track of Arnold's score was presented in the same one.


Shaft (David Arnold). La-La Land edita, por primera vez, el score compuesto para la secuela de la película de 1971, con Samuel L. Jackson en el papel de Shaft, el duro policía de Nueva York.

El score corrió a cargo del compositor británico David Arnold, que se enfrentaba a un género totalmente diferente al que le hizo famoso, el estilo de gran orquesta sinfónica de películas de aventura (Los Últimos Guerreros), ciencia ficción (Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla) y acción (saga 007). La película de 2000 vuelve a contar con el famoso tema compuesto por Isaac Hayes para la película original de 1971 y que ganó un Oscar a la mejor canción original, mientras que el compositor David Arnold crea una partitura de estilo funk/soul setentero acorde con dicho tema, basado en guitarras y batería, y lejos del score tipo compuesto para gran orquesta.

En 2000 se editó un álbum de canciones R&B y hip-hop, en el que se incluía el tema de Shaft de Isaac Hayes, pero ninguna pista del score de Arnold fue incluida en el mismo.

SHAFT (2000)
Duración: 74:43
  1. Theme From Shaft - Isaac Hayes (4:38)
  2. Bad Man - R. Kelly (4:03)
  3. Up And Outta Here - R. Kelly (4:25)
  4. Do What I Gotta Do - Donell Jones (4:46)
  5. Rock Wit U - Alicia Keys (5:46)
  6. We Servin' - Big Gipp (from Goodie Mob) (3:24)
  7. Tough Guy - OutKast (5:44)
  8. 2 Glock 9's - T.I.P. featuring Beanie Sigel (4:03)
  9. Summer Rain - Carl Thomas (4:57)
  1. Automatic - Sleepy Brown featuring BackBone and Big Rube (4:14)
  2. Pimp Sh*t - Too $hort (4:12)
  3. Cheatin' - Liberty City ( 3:54)
  4. Fix Me - Parle' featuring Jadakiss and Eve (3:45)
  5. How You Want It? - Mil (4:00)
  6. Ain't Gonna See Tomorrow - Mystikal (4:33)
  7. My Lovin' Will Give You Something - Angie Stone (4:42)
  8. Serenata Negra - Fulanito (3:37)
SHAFT - Premiere release (2014)
Duración: 73:54
  1. Shaft in Club (2:52)
  2. Boy’s Got Rhythm (1:37)
  3. Shaft Punches Walter§ (2:45)
  4. Dominican Chase (2:19)
  5. Peoples Walk / Peoples in the Precinct (1:19)
  6. Shaft Gets a Message§ (0:50)
  7. Walter Runs (4:04)
  8. Shafted* (1:14)
  9. Shaft Quits§ (2:43)
  10. Finding Diane’s Mother (2:12)
  11. Diane’s Playground Escape (1:08)
  12. Entre Nous (1:04)
  13. Tattoo the Grass (2:07)
  14. Shafting Gears* / Shaft the Waiter (1:22)
  15. Walter Gets Mugged** (2:35)
  16. Let’s Play Games (2:37)
  1. Peoples Gets Played / You Best Kill Me (5:04)
  2. Peoples Vows Revenge (0:38)
  3. Arriving at Rasaan’s / Peoples Stabs Walter (1:58)
  4. Groves Phones Peoples (0:27)
  5. Diane’s Confession (4:16)
  6. Shootout (3:50)
  7. Car Chase (3:15)
  8. Peoples Gets It / Walter Gets It (3:30)

  10. Shaft 2000§* (5:10)
  11. Shaft in Club (film version) (4:56)
  12. Boy’s Got Rhythm (film version) (1:37)
  13. Dominican Chase (film version) (2:19)
  14. You Best Kill Me (original ending) (3:09)

§ contains “Theme from SHAFT” by Isaac Hayes
*not used in film
**contains material not used in film

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