THELMA & LOUISE Soundtrack (1991)


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April, 1991
MCA Records

THELMA & LOUISE Soundtrack: Complete Score (2011)

THELMA & LOUISE: Complete Score

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October, 2011


Thelma & Louise (ENGLISH)

Thelma & Louise (Hans Zimmer). After planning a relaxing getaway for several days, two friends make their way to Mexico after shooting a man who tried to rape one of them. This is the starting point of this road movie's plot about two women fleeing from the relentless pursuit of the FBI and from their normal lives. With one of the most remembered endings in film history, both women have time to develop an entertaining escape, with time for love, armed robbery and to impart their own justice.

The original album of 1991 was formed by the songs that appeared throughout the film, and included only one track of the score of Hans Zimmer. This track, Thunderbird, did not appear as such in the film, but was created with parts of others tracks for its inclusion in the commercial album.

As creative as ever, Hans Zimmer's score for Thelma & Louise is in the early stages of his career, and surprises and welcomes in equal parts. As has so often happened with soundtracks of Zimmer himself and other composers, it took 20 years for the score to be extended from the single track that appeared on the 1991 album to the full edition of 2011. Although the score is short (only 38 minutes for a movie longer than 2 hours), the compilation includes all the music created by Zimmer, including the complete tracks as they were composed, although some were cut out in the final editing of the film. A significant detail of its short duration is that, excluding the Main Title, Zimmer’s first track does not appear until after the first 30 minutes of film.

In spite of this, the 38 minutes do justice to publish a great soundtrack of a great film.


In 2017, Notefornote Music reissues the soundtrack changing the covers, but with identical content to the 2011 Kritzerland's edition:

THELMA & LOUISE Soundtrack: Complete Score (2017) THELMA & LOUISE
Release date:
Lenght time:
January, 2017
Notefornote Music


Thelma y Louise (ESPAÑOL)

Thelma y Louise (Hans Zimmer). Tras planear una relajante escapada de varios días, dos amigas emprenden la huida hacia Mexico tras disparar a un hombre que intentó violar a una de ellas. Este el punto de partida del argumento de esta road movie sobre dos mujeres que huyen de la implacable persecución del FBI y de sus vidas normales. Con uno de los finales más recordados de la historia del cine, ambas mujeres tienen tiempo para desarrollar una entretenida huida, con tiempo para el amor, el atraco a mano armada y para impartir su propia justicia.

El álbum original de 1991 estaba formado por las canciones que aparecían a lo largo de la película, e incluyó tan solo una pista del score de Hans Zimmer. Esta pista, Thunderbird, no aparecía tal cual en el film, sino que fue creada con partes de otras para su inclusión en el álbum comercial.

Tan creativo como siempre, el score de Hans Zimmer para Thelma y Louise se ubica en los inicios de su carrera, y sorprende y agrada a partes iguales. Como tantas veces ha sucedido con bandas sonoras del propio Zimmer y de otros compositores, tuvieron que pasar 20 años para que el score fuera ampliado desde la única pista que aparecía en el álbum de 1991 hasta la edición completa de 2011. Si bien el score resulta breve (apenas 38 minutos para una película de más de 2 horas), la compilación incluye toda la música creada por Zimmer, incluyendo las pistas completas como fueron compuestas, aunque algunas fueran recortadas en el montaje final de la película. Un detalle significativo de su corta duración es que, excluyendo el Main Title, la primera pista de Zimmer no aparece hasta el minuto 35 de película.

A pesar de ello, los 38 minutos hacen justicia al publicar una gran banda sonora de una gran película.


En 2017, Notefornote Music reedita la banda sonora cambiando las carátulas, pero con idéntico contenido al de la versión de Kritzerland de 2011:

THELMA & LOUISE Soundtrack: Complete Score (2017) THELMA & LOUISE
Fecha de lanzamiento:
Enero, 2017
Notefornote Music


Total Time: 49:07
  1. Part Of Me, Part Of You - Glenn Frey (5:59)
  2. Badlands - Charlie Sexton (5:34)
  3. House Of Hope - Toni Childs (4:51)
  4. I Can't Untie You From Me - Grayson Hugh (4:59)
  5. Better Not Look Down - B. B. King (4:13)
  6. Little Honey - Kelly Willis (4:43)
  1. Kick The Stones - Chris Whitley (3:51)
  2. Wild Night - Martha Reeves (3:18)
  3. Tennessee Plates - Charlie Sexton (3:30)
  4. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan - Marianne Faithfull (4:06)
  5. Thunderbird - Hans Zimmer featuring Pete Haycock (4:03)
THELMA & LOUISE: Complete Score (2011)
Total Time: 38:11
  1. Going To Mexico (2:12)
  2. JD (3:23)
  3. The Hell With Texas (1:12)
  4. Happy Birthday Lady / Picking Up JD / Oilfields (2:18)
  5. Watching Him Go / Ride Of The FBI (1:26)
  6. Louise's Theme (2:46)
  7. Giving Up / Suck My Dick (3:38)
  1. Getting Out Of State (1:32)
  2. I Got A Knack (2:06)
  3. Charged With Murder (3:01)
  4. Learning From TV (0:45)
  5. Chase / You've Always Been Crazy (7:54)
  6. Thelma & Louise / End Credits (3:57)
  7. Bonus Track: Main Title (Film Version) (2:01)

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