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Superb Records

X2: X-MEN UNITED: Expanded Score

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La-La Land Records


X2: X-Men United (ENGLISH)

X2: X-Men United (John Ottman). John Ottman's interesting score was edited for the first time in 2003, whereas the 2 discs expanded version was released in 2012. Ottman composes a score that fits better with the superheroes' thematic of X-Men compared with the first part of the saga musicalized by Michael Kamen, especially for the use of a heroic main theme easily identifiable.

In few occasions, Alfred Newman's fanfare for the 20th Century Fox logo has been altered, and X-Men 2 is one of these movies. It is for it that the soundtrack includes the first track, Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare, including the retouch of Ottman's theme for the mutants. But the most spectacular detail of this soundtrack is the utilization of Mozart’s Requiem in the third track, Nightcrawler Attack, while the mutant Kurt Wagner makes his way across the White House to kill the president of the USA. The percussive themes, the epic choirs, the orchestral textures and the intimism melodies shape a rich and varied score, which, in turn, makes it entertaining enough.

The expanded score edited by La-La Land adds 53 more minutes of music than the standard edition and includes a booklet with general notes about the director, the composer and the saga, beside telling the story of the movie through a track-by-track analysis.


X-Men 2 (John Ottman). El interesante score de John Ottman se editó en 2003 por primera vez, mientras que la versión expandida de 2 discos fue lanzada en 2012. Ottman compone un score que encaja mejor con la temática de superhéroes de X-Men comparado con la primera parte de la saga musicalizada por Michael Kamen, sobre todo por el uso de un heroico tema principal fácilmente identificable.

En contadas ocasiones se ha alterado la fanfarria de Alfred Newman para el logo de la 20th Century Fox, y X-Men 2 es una de esas películas. Es por ello que se incluye la primera pista, Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare, incluyendo el retoque del tema de Ottman para los mutantes. Pero el detalle más espectacular de esta banda sonora es la utilización del Requiem de Mozart en la tercera pista, Nightcrawler Attack, mientras el mutante Kurt Wagner (Rondador Nocturno) se abre paso a través de la Casa Blanca para matar al presidente de los EE.UU. Los temas percusivos, los coros épicos, las texturas orquestales y las melodías intimistas conforman una partitura rica y variada, lo que, a su vez, la hace bastante entretenida.

El score expandido editado por La-La Land añade 53 minutos más de música que la edición estándar e incluye un libreto con notas generales sobre el director, el compositor y la saga, además de contar la historia de la película en un análisis pista por pista.

X2: X-MEN UNITED (2003)
Total Time: 59:51
  1. Suite From X2 (7:10)
  2. Storm's Perfect Storm (2:18)
  3. Finding Faith (1:29)
  4. Sneaky Mystique (3:30)
  5. Cerebro (1:26)
  6. Mansion Attack (7:33)
  7. Rogue Earns Her Wings (1:34)
  8. It's Time (3:39)
  1. Magneto's Old Tricks (4:57)
  2. I'm In (4:10)
  3. If You Really Knew (3:20)
  4. Playing With Fire (2:43)
  5. Death Strikes Deathstryke (4:50)
  6. Getting Out Alive (3:58)
  7. Goodbye (5:26)
  8. We're Here To Stay (1:48)
X2: X-MEN UNITED: Expanded Score (2012)
Total Time: 112:25
DISC 1 (60:09) DISC 2 (52:16)
  1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare* (0:22) (composed by Alfred Newman)
  2. Opening Titles* (1:07)
  3. Nightcrawler Attack* (3:15)
  4. Alkali Lake* (2:03)
  5. Jean's Hallucination / Something Terrible* (1:03)
  6. Newscast / Permission / Reunion* (3:44)
  7. Cerebro (1:28)
  8. Sneaky Mystique** (4:04)
  9. Meeting Nightcrawler* (2:20)
  10. You Remember Him* (2:32)
  11. Mansion Attack / Don't You Remember / Escape** (7:53)
  12. Opening Cerebro / Bottom's Up** (1:55)
  13. Jason's Story / Harmless Kiss** (3:29)
  14. Magneto's Escape** (1:25)
  15. What Bobby Can Do / Finding Faith** (2:51)
  16. Pyro Attack** (3:13)
  17. Xavier Escapes (1:26)
  18. Storm's Perfect Storm / Missiles (2:07)
  19. Fireside Chat / Flashback / Jean and Logan / You Know What I Want* (5:02)
  20. God Among Insects / Where Is Everyone?* (2:08)
  21. I'm In** (4:17)
  22. It's Time** (3:51)
  1. The Children / Something's Wrong* (2:36)
  2. Augmentation Room (Death Strikes Deathstrike)** (4:45)
  3. Deathstrike Dies / Magneto's Old Tricks** (5:52)
  4. Wolverine To The Rescue** (8:10)
  5. Rogue Earns Wings** (2:20)
  6. Goodbye / We're Here To Stay** (7:08)
  7. Evolution Leaps Forward** (3:09)
  8. Suite From X-Men 2 (End Credits original version) (7:11)
  9. Evolution Leaps Forward (original version)** (0:48)
  10. Suite From X-Men 2 (End Credits film version)** (9:07)

* previously unreleased
** contains previously unreleased material


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